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Stamped Concrete Service & Installation in Dallas

Are You Looking for the best Stamped Concrete Contractor in Dallas Texas?

If you are new to the concrete flooring world and looking to get it renovated, you are at the Right Spot. Stamped concrete means exactly what it sounds like. It is a simple concrete, stamped with a rubber mold leaving great patterns and textures.

We provide it in a variety of colors and design combinations form Cobblestone, English Yorkstone to Italian Slate Brown. If you are wondering how a concrete can get different color other than its signature light grey? Leave it to us. We use the best technology and material to color your concrete floor and provide it with a long lasting finish.

We are the best service providers of stamped concrete in Dallas Texas. Stamped concrete is durable and goes easy on your wallet too. It can bear loads of up to 8000 psi (Pressure-force per square Inch). It withstands the test of time and used in your house flooring to pavements, in making pool decks, patios and foundations.

stamped concrete walkway with garden

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So, What Do We Offer?

We provide premium stamped concrete, specializing in more than a dozen patterns and beautiful color combinations. Our patterns imbibe a natural look and we use high quality sealers to ensure that color does not fade. Our services include anything from a stamped concrete at your home to driveways, patios and porches.

stamped concrete driveway in Dallas TX

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is an easy and affordable way to provide a natural finish to your floor. You can witness its use in homes patios, drive ways, sidewalks, porches etc. Its ease of use and affordability makes it the best choice for you. Tiles can easily fade out and do not have the strength to bear heavy loads. A stamped concrete can handle loads up to 10 times that of a tile.

Decorative concrete walkway in Dallas TX

Decorative Concrete

Are you bored with your old floor and its out dated design? We at Dallas Concrete offer a large variety of decorative floor designs, from cobbles to classic wood and used brick patterns. We are a team of team of professionals and carry out the application process taking care of all the minor details and edges. Once we finish the mold pressing, it’s time to remove the minor imperfections leaving your floor smooth and perfect.

concrete patio textured concrete

Concrete Patios

Concrete is the best, material to be used for patios. It is durable and can easily withstand heavy loads and natural damage. At Dallas Elite Stamped Concrete we provide versatile designs to build a natural looking classic patio. We use materials which are long-lasting and can resist outdoor damages from sunlight, rain etc. Patios made out of concrete need less care and are highly durable. You can choose the favorite design for your patio now.

brushed concrete driveway

Concrete Driveways

Apart from the design and appearance, driveways must be durable. They should be adequately strong to bear huge loads of vehicles that will pass through it to your garage. Our driveways are built to withstand loads of up to 8000 psi making them an ideal choice. Concrete lasts for many years and do not need much maintenance. Apart from the high strength in contrast to its alternatives, it comes in beautiful designs.

stamped concrete walkway to backyard

walkways & Sidewalks

What can be better than concrete for your walkways and sidewalks? Our concrete walkways and sideways are ideal for both; public use in parks and gardens or your private farmhouse and offices. We have built many sidewalks and walkways for both residential and office setups. We possess a great experience and expertise in it. Our company provides the most reliable, smooth, and strong designs of stamped concrete, that lasts a long time.

concrete porches for home in Dallas TX

Concrete Porches

Stamped concrete has numerous applications for your house which includes porches. If you are fed-up of looking at your old porch, choose from the latest collection of our design pallet for a fresh natural look. You can choose a wooden, acid stained, cobblestone or an Italian finish. The first impression is the last, and our unique porch helps make that good first impression on your guests. It is affordable, has high strength and looks great.

residential concrete in Dallas TX

Residential Concrete

Stamped concrete for your home is a great if you want to get the best out of your hard earned money. Its high tensile strength and load bearing capacity eliminates any cost of repairs and maintenance what so ever. You can choose from a diverse pallet of our design and colors. Our Italian floor designs and wooden finishes will definitely compliment your interior decor. For great residential concrete services, email us or call us now.


What our clients say about us!

I was upset and distressing looking at my front porch. It was worn out which was very embarrassing for me. I decided to get it repaired, and called Dallas concrete. I am happy with their services. They have well-trained and professional team who did a great job.

Nadine Porter

Dallas, Texas

The team of Dallas concrete Company did an amazing job. I am completely satisfied with their work on building my sidewalks. They are very efficient and responsive. I for once did not have any doubt to what they are doing, as they explained everything at the end of each day. Good job team Dallas!

Christopher Kongers

North Dallas, Texas

They worked almost for one and a half months at our building. I am a businessman and own a company. I decided to lay down a side way and approached Dallas concretes. They are very efficient and quick to respond. I am Happy to receive their services.

Laura Highmark

West Dallas, Texas

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What Makes us the Best?

patterned concrete around a flower bed

Why are we the best stamped concrete service providers in Dallas? What makes us best, is the process that we follow in laying the concrete along with our unique designs and patterns. All our employees are certified and are the best in industry.

We have a Standard Operating Procedure and do not miss a single timeline. Laying concrete is a difficult process and there is absolutely no scope for errors. We use concrete mixture that dries out real quick. Adding color, to the upper coating and making patterns is an extremely definitive process which needs to be completed within a finite time span.

We start with imprinting our molds from the sides and then all the way inwards so that the pattern formed is perfect. Our range of colors and patterns are unique to us, handpicked and designed by our innovative designers and concrete contractors. We use the best quality material and colors which form the base of our patterns. These include Italian smooth textures, cobblestone and Wood Flooring designs. This is what makes us unique.

We value our customers and customer satisfaction is the top priority for our concrete installation company. Our confidence is expressed in the fact that we offer money back guarantee in the event of any dissatisfaction faced by our customers.


Concrete Services Tailored to Your Needs

We are a proud, locally-owned Dallas business dedicated to our clients.

Our services are tailored to the needs of the customers. Whether you are an office owner or want our services at your home, we have all the resources to meet your requirements.

Our designs and colors are adequate to please the entire range of customers who opt for our services. Our offerings are tailor-made for garages, residential floors, Pavements, Driveways and sideways. Our concrete floors are designed to handle huge load and have a high tensile strength. A protective layer of coating is applied after stamping to ensure that the color doesn’t fade out. After we are done you can forget about maintenance and repair for years to come. Call us today so we can be your dedicated concrete contractor for your project!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We provide our guarantee if our customers are not satisfied with the services, we will make it right. We provide high quality services and you need not worry about any repairs or maintenance costs once we are done. We at Dallas concrete take pride in our services and provide great outcome.

Zero Maintenance

With stamped concrete you can forget about any maintenance costs on your concrete. It lasts up to 25 years and possesses high durability and strength. It has high tensile strength and can bear loads up to 8000psi. Considering its alternatives like tiles, which can bear only 1/10th of loads compared to that of Concrete.

Quality Assurance

We only use the highest quality materials and adhere to the highest standards. Our work is thorough and we are meticulous about our performance. We know how important it is to you to have beautiful and blemish-free concrete. We promise to make that happen so your driveway or patio looks beautiful!

Professional Attitude

We pride ourselves on adhering to professional standards of punctuality and cleanliness. You can rely on us to always be on time and clean up when we are done. You will not be left with a mess to clean up when your concrete project is complete.

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